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Cal D3 Animal Feed Supplement

Cal D3 Animal Feed Supplement

Advantages :
Poultry :

  • Maintains egg production & egg shell quality.
  • Supports against cage fatigue, uterus prolapse.
  • Helps to prevent bone and leg problems in fast growing broilers.
  • Has positive effect on flock uniformity.

Ruminants :

  • Helps to improve milk production.
  • Helps to avoid milk fever after aclving and lamb disease pregnant ewes.

Dosage and Administration :
Layers and Breeders :

  • 1L/ 1000 L of drinking water.
  • Administer fro of drinking water.
  • Administer for 3 days in case of egg shell quality problems.
  • Preventive once a week from week 36 to end of laying period

Broilers :

  • 1L/ 1000 L Of drinking water.
  • Preventive on day 6 and on day 14.
  • lncase of bone deformities administer for 3 consecutive days

Free from chloramphenicol, Nitrofuran, Malamine and antibiotic
Country of origin India
Not For Medicinal Use
Balanced Livestock
Poultry Feed Supplement


Shelf Life 3 Years
Target Animals Poultry & Ruminants
Calcium 34000 mg
Phosphorus 17000 mg
Vitamin D3 2000 000 IU
Storage Store in cool dry place protected from light.
For milking caws Administer 10 ml in 1 L of warm water.
Cattle and Sheep 2.5 L/ 1000L of drinking water. Recommended one week before calving up to calving.